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The case preparation questions are intended to help you identify and address the key issues in the case while preparing the case analysis note for each case before the discussion in the class.| Session No & Date| Case: Preparation Questions|

1&2| PV Technologies Inc: Were they asleep at the Switch? 1. What could be the reasons for the unfavorable evaluation of PV technologies by Greg Morgan? 2. Evaluate alternative course of action available to PVT to gain favorable evaluation by Solenergy for the Barstow Project? 3. What short term and long term policies and processes should PVT develop and implement to effectively improve its marketing programs?| 3| Kunst 1600 1. What are the major, quantifiable value and price elements associated with the Kunst 1600? 2. What additional value placeholders, elements not presently quantified, merit consideration in your value model? 3. Construct a customer value model for the Kunst 1600 in the residential AC, home refrigerator, and light commercial refrigerator repair market segments. 4. Using your value model, select a target market segment(s) for commercialization efforts. Justify your choice. 5. Write a value proposition for the Kunst 1600 for the target market(s).| 4| SAP: Building a Leading Technology Brand 1. What should SAP stand for? What is its brand promise? 2. Would you make any changes in the branding elements? SAP brand architecture, logos? 3. How can SAP ensure consistent messaging and consistent look and feel in all SAP communications worldwide? 4. How can SAP leverage its brand to companies of all sizes?| 5&6| Precise Software Solutions 1. Should Alon plan on introducing Insight at Openworld 2000? Why or Why not? 2. What should Precise strategy be for insight? Should they launch a separate sale force for the new product or sell it through their existing sales force? How good is their current salesforce? 3. How should Insight be priced?...
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