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  • Published: May 18, 2013
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Karl Marx
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Famous as: Philosopher
Born on: 05 May 1818    Famous 5th May Birthdays
Born in: Brückergasse, Trier
Died on: 14 March 1883
Nationality: Germany
Zodiac Sign: Taurus    Famous Taureans
Works & Achievements: The Philosophical Manifesto of the Historical School of Law, Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right, On the Jewish Question, Notes on James Mill, Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts, The Holy Family, Theses on Feuerbach, The German Ideology, The Poverty of Philosophy, Wage-Labor and Capital. -------------------------------------------------

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  Karl Marx.  1 Person Does.

Karl Heinrich Marx was a popular German philosopher, political economist, historian, political theorist, sociologist, and revolutionary socialist. His works have inspired the foundations of several communist regimes in the twentieth century. The theories of Marx based on societies, economics and politics were altogether called as Marxism. He was also responsible for the socio-political theory of Marxism. In addition to that, the growth of modern social science and the socialist political movement was greatly influenced by the Marxist ideas of Karl. His most famous works are The Communist Manifesto and Capital. Most of his works were co-written with his friend Friedrich Engels, who was the fellow German revolutionary socialist. Karl Marx Childhood & Early Life

Karl Heinrich Marx was born on May 5, 1818 at Brückergasse in Trier to a middle-class fairly wealthy family. His father, Hirschel Marx, was the owner of numerous Moselle vineyards, but as he was a Jew, he faced quite a many disadvantages both legally and financially. As a result, his father decided to convert from Judaism to Lutheranism before his son’s birth. He also replaced Heinrich in place of Hirschel. Initially, Marx received education privately and started attending Trier High School in 1830. In 1835, he commenced studying at the University of Bonn. He was...
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