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Topics: Chief executive officer, Executive officer, Corporation Pages: 9 (2364 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Republic of the Philippines
Gov. Pablo Borbon Campus 1, Rizal Avenue, Batangas City

Edsa Radio and TV Company
Best Engineering Consultancy, Inc.
Carlo Recio

In Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirement for the Course
Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration


Submitted By:
Ronalyn F. Reglos
BSCA 1301

SUMMER, A.Y. 2012-2013


I. Executive Summary
Bong Tandiwan has a small business. He was the founder of a small radio manufacturing plant. Years pass by, his business become grew and more improvements for the company. In 1999, their sales become 300 million annually with their workers of 15 000 and ten manufacturing plants. Mr. Tandiwan was very active, imaginative and driving force for the sake of company growth. When the company was still small, Mt. Tandiwan know every ,manager and workers by their being a friendly boos, he called his worker by their names. He is very close to his workers. When the company becomes big and larger because of its success , the workers change. Their attitude when it comes to their work. From the small company, they are hard working people for the company. But when they reached their success for the company, their spirit to work was change. There’s no effective communication between the workers. Bong Tandiwan noticed and worried that their “small company” spirit was lose. He also worried that his philosophies and objective were not applying or doing by his workers. He noticed that because of poor communication of the company policies. So that it affect the development of the company.

He thinks the solutions for his problems and to solve this, he hired a director of communication and put a communication device where the other campanies used. Also putting bulletin boards an all company’s office and plants, a revitalized house, newsletter carrying news items, a company manual for every employee, profit sharing scheme, company sponsored course on communication, monthly meeting, annual 3-day meeting of 1200 level managers and special committees to discuss company matters. But it was not expected by Mr. Tandiwan that his solution was not effective. And he was disappointed.

II. Statement of the Problem
Bong Tandiwan worried about the changes of his workers. He noticed the losing of “small company” spirit when they were starting the business. He was worried the attitude of his worker when it comes to the work. Workers are change and losing their communication with their co-workers. Tandiwan also noticed that his workers are not applying and doing their vision for the company.

III. Cause of the Problem
The cause of the problem is about the workers. At first, we know the Mr. Tandiwan, their workers has a strong company spirit when the business was still small. But when their business developed and got more improvements, his workers got lack or poor of communication of the company. So that the business are also affect.

IV. Alternative Course of Action
To solve the poor communication problem, the following recommendation are: * Give the motivations and conditions by Mr. Tandiwan to the workers for them to encourage to work.

* Having a bonding between Mr. Tandiwan and his workers.

* Having a new policies for the goal of the company.

* Having a seminar for the better of the workers.

* Treat his workers as a family also not a Boss-workers relationships.

V. Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification
My recommended solution for his company’s problem is giving condition and motivations for the workers for them to encourage to work harder, for them to also to back their spirit to work.


I. Executive Summary
The department manager have a regular...
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