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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Question 1: Management consulting firms did very well on a per-employee basis, partly because they are mostly comprised of managers (as opposed to blue-collar or entry-level workers). How big a factor do you think composition of the workforce is in the likelihood of producing a CEO? The management consulting firms mostly comprised of managers, this is very favourable for producing a CEO. Managers generally with corresponding authority and responsibility, have certain management ability is engaged in the real management activity of the person or people. Managers and management skills in the organization management activities play a decisive role. Compare with leaders, managers are mainly deal with complexity, while leaders just respond to change. A large number of excellent managers will be able to make specific plans for the company, build efficient organization structure, and supervise the daily operation of the organization. It is also as a guarantee that Leaders can continue to challenge the conventional, vision of the future is put forward, and motivate members to implement the vision. Question 2: Do you think so-called leadership factories are also better places for non-leaders to work? Why or why not? I think so-called leadership factories are also better places for non-leaders to work. Whatever charismatic leaders or transformational leaders, they will have an impact on non-leaders. Charismatic leaders will through the personal charm, make subordinate show higher job performance, job adaptation and adaptability to leadership and group. In addition, transformational leaders will more creative, and encourage their subordinates also become more creative. Therefore, the non-leaders will get more knowledge and ability about how to become a leader. Question 3: Assume that you had job offers from two companies that differed only in how often they produced CEOs. Would this difference affect your decision? This difference would affect my decision. The fact that a...
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