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Rogers Cable: First Time Right Program

A. Defining the Issue(s):
-Eliminate the repeat effort currently required to successfully install and service customers during the 1st visit by Rogers Cable service technicians. B. Analyzing Case Data:
(Option One)
-1993 Canadian Telecommunication Act 1993 opened competition. -Cable companies have typically focused on growing rapidly.
-Establishing a large subscriber base is key for pay-off to high investment cost. -Focus on revenue growth NOT cost reduction is the industry mandate. -20/100 installations have required repeat service calls.

-Performance evaluation initiatives are not managed.
-Service (or called TRUCK ROLL) is not provided by Roger employees -36 companies are outsourced (700-800 contractors) & these companies are not evaluated on their performance

(Option Two)


Why does the issue occur? Because neither service technicians nor automated directory staff were properly trained to address this issue of ‘First Time Right’ program.

Why is the staff not being properly trained? Cable companies focused on revenue growth rather than cost savings as was dictated by the cable market.

Why would this initiative struggle to be properly addressed? Proper training and communication services are not being provided, in particular to the 700-800 contractors used in outsourcing this service requirement. Service technicians are not being informed on the reason for their service call; namely are they the 1st visit OR are they being sent to correct a previous poorly performed service.

Why would the introduction of proper training / communication overcome the monopolistic marketplace syndrome? Promoting, developing and managing strong training and communication initiatives (complete with KPIs) which will deliver reduced repeat services as well as lower service requirements while always delivering strong customer service will result in mitigating excessive operating expenses and enhance further market growth for Rogers Cable.

C. Generating Alternatives:
(Focus on Pro’s & Con’s and / or ‘FISHBONE ANALYSIS’ Cause & Effect)

1. Perform all services with Roger Cable employees
PROS: Roger Cable employees understand the ‘First Time Right’ program CONS: Outsourcing this service requirement to sub-contractors who have no commitment to Roger Cable’s ‘First Time Right’ program. It is impractical to hire full time employees for a seasonal requirement

2. Address performance evaluation reports
PROS: Clearly hi-lites the ‘root causes’ for short-falls CONS: Requires time to capture and interpret information followed by proper training to all staff.

3. Introduce service training programs, complete with KPIs for both service providers (technicians & automated directory staff) PROS: Further promotes the opportunity to successfully practice ‘First Time Right’ program CONS: Requires management time to properly gauge the performance of the service technicians


-The Fishbone Analysis (cause & effect) will be spearheaded by the defined issue: Eliminate Repeat Business The causes to this spearheaded issue are:
a. People
b. Communication
c. Culture
d. Mkt Competition Environment
-The effect of addressing these ‘causes’ will be the reduction / elimination of repeat business.

D. Selecting Decision Criteria:
Any preferred ‘alternative’ (mentioned above) needs to encompass some or any of the following criterions, as these factors would lend themselves to correcting the defined issue acknowledged in this case study. These are all measureable, which is imperative to recognize when selecting decision criterions.

-Reduction of repeat services resulting in operating cost reductions -Introduction of training initiatives
-Improvements to customer service
-Maintaining and possibly improving market share
-Enhancement of communication...
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