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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Ideal consultant’s Cosmetic case

You a member of a creative team at Ideal Consultants that has been assigned the job of developing a product type, out of multiple possible types, and a versatile brand name for a new line of cosmetics whose formula has been developed by one of the agency's major clients.

The formula is possible to be converted into dozens of product types. An extensive consumer research found that all of possible product types received favorable ratings by consumers. Three types in particular appear promising. These are (1) a cosmetic line that is easy to apply; (2) a cosmetic line that offers a wide variety of shades, textures, and effects; and (3) a line that contains applicators that permit self-application with results comparable to that obtained by professional beauticians.

The cosmetic line developed by the client organization has all three of these characteristics. And, that's problem. There is disagreement among the creative group as to which attribute should be emphasized in the product concept. A number of product ideas and possible names have been kicked around. One group member likes the "easy application" approach and has suggested the name "Smooth 'n' Easy". Another wants to emphasize the applicators themselves and has suggested the name "Perfect Face". You prefer the "variety of effects" route and have coined the name "Like Me".

To have more knowledge of competitive products in the market. Magazines such as Femina and Cosmopolitian are good source for competitive product advertising. In addition, since there is wide latitude in pricing the line, indicate whether it should be priced at the bottom, in the middle, or at the high end of the moderate price range.

You need to develop your strategy and argument for your approach which is best for company..
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