Case Study

Topics: Psychology, Family, Emotion Pages: 4 (1152 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Writing assignment (Case Study of Sammy)
There are several problems that the main character Sammy has which are lack of self-concept, lack of self-esteem and lack of communication with parents and the failure of controlling her emotion.

Firstly, Sammy is lack of self-concept which is the totality of thoughts and feelings with reference to oneself as an object.(Rosenberg,1979) According to the scenario, it showed that Sammy do not have definite view towards her future because she do not know the inner thoughts of herself. She mentioned that “I don’t know what I like and dislike. The question ‘’who am I?’’ still confuses me”. Therefore, when Sammy’s parents wanted her to further study and thus she went to college without giving it much thought. Due to lack of self-concept, Sammy’s choice of continuing the study is only cater her parents’ desire but not her real desire.

Secondly, Sammy is lack of self-esteem. Self-esteem is a generalized evaluative attitude towards the self that influence both moods and behavior. (Richard J. Gerrig, 2005) According to the five building blocks of self-esteem (security, selfhood affiliation, mission and competence) by Michele Borba (cited in Michele Borba, 2001), Sammy particularly lack of the component of competence which means she does not think that she is able to have achievement. According to the scenario, this idea is even stronger through the sibling and peer comparison as Sammy thought that she is not as competent as her and classmates and elder sister. Hence, low self-esteem is resulted.

Thirdly, there is lack of communication between Sammy and her parents and thus good family relationship is failed to achieve. Since Sammy’s parents go home late because of work and Sammy is usually in bed when they come home, they don’t have enough time to communicate with each other. Not only Sammy cannot feel the love and concern from the parents, but also the parents cannot understand Sammy’s daily lives. According to the...
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