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Topics: BlackBerry, Research, Mobile phone Pages: 43 (9935 words) Published: March 28, 2013
“Marketing on Blackberry Services in GCC Countries”

Submitted by:
Student No: 200823R6203

The Independent Study report has been submitted to the
Skyline University College,
In partial Fulfillment of the Degree:
Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)


I would like to thank all people who helped me during the course of this dissertation and with the help of whom I was able to reach to valuable conclusions. The following is a list of the people who helped me complete this assignment to the best of my abilities.

Firstly, I would like to thank my research supervisor, Dr. DR. SAYEL ROSHDI NIMER SABHA, who guided me throughout the process and helped me at every step by clearing my doubts.

Secondly, I would like to thank the authors of the various books and web sites as well as the facilities and university library that helped me gain various information for this dissertation.

And finally, I would like to thank the respondents who provided me with valuable information by answering my questionnaires.

Letter of Certificate

This is to certify that the dissertation work, Marketing on Blackberry Services in GCC Countries , of the student ‘Md.Mahmudul Hassan’, is the original work undertaken by him and has been supervised by me towards the partial fulfillment of the award of Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Marketing of Skyline University College.  I further certify to the best of my knowledge that this project has not been copied and not submitted elsewhere for the award of any other degree at any other institution.  


Professor – Skyline University College
Dissertation – Supervisor


This thesis examines the relationship between work/life balance and Smartphone (Blackberry). Academic research has areas where not much research has been done previously including the qualitative research on work/life balance, positive crossover of work/life balance, newness of Smartphone technology, and consequences of constant connectivity. This study hopes to eliminate some of the gaps in these areas of research and proposes two research questions:  So what does owning a Smartphone mean for work life and home life?  Most importantly can this phone help people towards or assist with the balance they are so looking for or do the phones not impact this balance and just assist in the work life and home life realms separately? A qualitative approach using constructionist and interpretive views were used to conduct the research. Empirical material was collected during phone interviews with participants in the USA, while supporting material was gathered from conference papers, academic articles, websites, and textbooks. There are two major themes within this paper, work/life balance and Smartphone technology. For work/life balance a common understanding was reached that work and personal life should be kept happy but that doesn’t mean equal.  Also discussed is research about people that put up boundaries in their lives to try and separate things, one group of people likes to have work and personal separate but one group likes them combined.  Research also presents that there are consequences for setting up boundaries but that having the ability to choose where these boundaries are makes for a much happier situation.  On the technology side of research there is support for these devices being used to manage people’s different selves through communication from being more connected to people to feeling left out when the technology is not there. Also mentioned is how people adapt the devices to fit new and unique situations that the devices may not have been intended to be used for.

Research methodology

To find answers to the research questions of this assignment, data analysis and exploratory study was used by collecting data using qualitative...
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