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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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3) Which other brands associations you recommend to Delta? Why? Delta air lines is different from the other airline company because, Delta also incorporated the societal is firmly committed to our environment, safety and social responsibility, they act every day and they involve not only customers but also their partner, employees, civic group and organizations. Delta air lines is already present in many sector such as health, education, art, recycling and thank to these different action they can had a better brand image in front of community. It is seen as not only a simple airline company but also a company which is concerned by human problems and environment. So this company has already a well brand image so we think that it has to keep this positive image Delta air lines is already giving strong support to breast cancer research by different actions such as launches a campaign, create the new Boeing 767-400 signature “pink plane”… For the future we think about a brands associations between Delta air lines and Sidaction. Sidaction is a major French public event that started in 1994 in France for raising awareness and collecting charitable funds for AIDS. It donates important sums to various AIDS charities, AIDS research, institutions specializing in medical care and social aid for those suffering of HIV/AIDS in France and internationally. In 2007, for example, Sidaction allocated donations to 111 programs in 29 countries. Sidaction has launched various initiatives in order to raise funds for its projects. We think that this association can be beneficial for both of them. For Delta air lines it can be another way to demonstrate its social responsibility and it allow them to get a high customer loyalty Moreover as we said sidaction is a major French public event but it is present all over the world so it could be an opportunity for Delta air lines to extend their support in another areas. And Finally Sidaction involves each year a lot of celebrity...
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