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Topics: Immanuel Kant, Categorical imperative, Ethics Pages: 3 (578 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Albor,Emilio Gabriel P. March 12, 2013
MAS-3 MAS70 – B2
Case Study No. 2: Working for Eli Lily and Company
Analyze and discuss the case using:
A. Utilitarianism
* Less crime in the streets * Can cure disease * Job offer * Offered shelter * Number of alcoholic people will decrease * Number of homeless people decrease. * Increase of motel customers * New medicine * Cleanliness in the streets * Less annoyance in the streets * Increased succession rate of drug researching * Can help find missing persons * Safer in the streets * More secure| * Increase of death toll * Faster productivity of drug research * New medicine or drugs * More will be injured * Increased number of the ill * More contagious disease * Inhuman practice|

Therefore, it can consequently bring to a close that continuing on getting human test subject or homeless alcoholics is morally acceptable since the societal benefits outweigh the societal costs. B. Rights

Homeless Alcoholic
* The right to choose
* The right to live
* The right to work
* The right to be safe
* The right to have fun

C. Kant’s Categorical Imperatives
* Categorical Imperative 1: Morally wrong, because not all people are aware or have agreed to be a human research or test subject. Though many homeless alcoholic chose to be one, there are still some who chose to be not. * Categorical Imperative 2: Morally wrong, simply because the homeless alcoholics are used as guinea pigs or tools for the success of the research.

D. Justice and Fairness
Distributive Justice
* The benefit is that eli lily will not pay almost $250/day for the test subjects. * Eli Lily won’t have problems with getting test subject to volunteer. * Provides the test subjects easy money

* The burden Is for the test subjects that has felt the side effects of the...
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