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Monde Nissin Corporation  (MNC) has been incorporated in 1979 and has continuously provided Filipino consumers high quality products and has been a consistent top biscuit player in the market. For more than two decades, MNC has steadily and aggressively risen to be the Philippine’s leading food manufacturer and is carving its niche as one of the most competitive players in the global industry. From its first biscuit, MNC has evolved into a premier food firm.

Our company has consistently been among the top corporations in the Philippines and is considered as one of the industry leaders in both noodles and biscuit product categories. Our brand names include Nissin, Monde, Sky Flakes, Fita amongst others for the biscuits category, and Lucky Me Instant Noodles, Lucky Me! Supreme Bowls and Lucky Me! Specials for the noodles category.

For more than 3 decades now, Monde Nissin has steadily and aggressively risen to be the Philippines' leading food manufacturer and is currently carving its niche as one of the most competitive players in the global industry. From its first biscuit, Monde Nissin Corporation has evolved into a premier Food Company which has been among the Philippines' top 100 companies since year 2000.  Monde Nissin products are continuously striving to become the market leaders in their respective categories.

Currently, MNC has been producing biscuits and cookies and has a nationwide reach for its distribution channels from supermarkets down to the sari-sari store. To compete with the crackers product line, MNC through its sister company Monde M.Y. San Corporation is a major player in the crackers category.

Monde M.Y San Corporation is a Filipino firm originating from an ice cream parlor situated in Escolta in 1935. Three Chinese brothers headed by Mar Yu San, sparked the M.Y. San legacy of creating and baking premium food products. PRODUCTS

Monde Product Offerings:
List of Monde Biscuits with Gross Price and Unit of Measure: PRODUCT| FLAVORS| GROSS PRICE| UNIT|
1-1 Rice 56g x 10’s| Chili, Original| 375.26| Case|
1-1 Snowy 92g x 8’s| Chili, Original| 549.69| Case|
Bingo 28g x 30 x 10’s| Choco Mint, Double Choco, Orange, Peanut, Vanilla| 841.24| Case| Bingo 84g x 60’s| Double Choco, Peanut, Vanilla| 478.14| Case| Breadstix 130g x 30’s| Chiz, Regular| 361.96| Case|

Breadstix 20g x 10 x 10’s| Chiz, Regular| 280.41| Case| Breadstix 35g x 60’s| Chiz, Regular| 244.33| Case|
Butter Coco 10g x 24x 12s| | 341.44| Case|
Butter Coco 90g x 60s| | 478.14| Case|
Cubes 25g x 60s| Choco N Cream, Vanilla| 311.13| Case|
Eggnog 13.5g x 20s| Choco, Regular| 312.37| Case|
Eggnog 18g x 100s| Choco, Regular| 280.41| Case|
Eggnog 32g x 60s| Choco, Regular| 259.79| Case|
Puffins 50g x 60s| Butter, Cinnamon| 716.29| Case|
Snack Pie 100g x 12’s| Butter, Cinnamon| 195.84| Case| Sumo Hoops 18g x 4x 10s| Choco, Milk, Peanut, Strawberry| 672.99| Case| Tini Wini 36gx60s| Choco Fudge, Cookies N Crea, Strawberry| 349.48| Case| Wafer 11.5g x 20’s| Choco, Vanilla, Yummy Butter| 474.23| Case| Voice 25g x 30 x 10s| Butter, Choco, Peanut| 841.24| Case|

List of Monde M.Y. San Biscuits with Gross Price and Unit of Measure: PRODUCT| FLAVORS| GROSS PRICE| UNIT|
 Bakers Graham 400gx14s| | 508.76| Case|
 Brownies 100gx24s| | 461.69| Case|
Butter Cookies Plastic 800gx12s| | 1,349.57| Case|
Chips’n Nuts 100gx24s| | 452.54| Case|
Chips’n Nuts 25gx12s| | 892.69| Case|
Crushed Grahams 200gx24s| | 486.43| Case|
Fita Carton 150gx54s| | 486.43| Case|
Fita 25gx24x10s| Choco, Mocha, Regular| 672.99| Case|
Fita Plastic 600gx12s| | 1,201.61| Case|
Fita Singles 8.5gx20x20s| | 326| Case|
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