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Topics: Advertising, Vodafone Essar, Communication design Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Vodafone Essar's Advertising Strategy - The 'Zoozoos' Campaign "Zoozoos have given something interesting to the Indian ad industry which has been seeing the same ideas dished out time and again. The zoozoo concept has immediately connected with the audiences and any creative that can create an emotional connect with an audience has hit the right spot." - Prasoon Joshi, Executive Chairman of McCann Erickson India, in May 2009. "While their media strategy to blast these ads during IPL has worked for the brand, the downside is that the characters are bigger than the story being sold. People have a limited capacity to remember features, so it may have worked to release the ads in a phase manner rather than hammer them out one after the other." - Mahesh Murthy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pinstorm, in May 2009. Introduction: In April 2009, India-based Vodafone Essar Limited (Vodafone Essar), a subsidiary of mobile network operator Vodafone Group Plc. (Vodafone) based in the UK, launched an innovative advertising campaign that caught the imagination of both the public and advertising experts. The campaign, focusing on the different value added services (VAS) offered by the company, introduced new characters called the Zoozoos. Several advertisements in which the Zoozoos featured were shown on television during the Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 2. Soon after they were aired on television, the Zoozoos and the ads became really popular. Commenting on their popularity, Rajiv Rao (Rao), Executive Creative Director, South Asia, Ogilvy and Mather India (O&M India), the advertising agency which created the ads, said "What makes them [Zoozoos] so endearing is that they are innocent people living in a simple world unlike ours, who laugh loud when they laugh. And who seem to...
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