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Topics: Flipism, Political philosophy, Power Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: March 4, 2013
The Buffalo Zoo Case Study

1.Donna illustrates many traits of a successful leader, as she took on the Buffalo Zoo project. First and foremost, Donna held a genuine passion for animals and the zoo. She held a Masters and Ph. D in ecology, evolution. and animal behavior form prestigious university, and graduated with honors. This in itself displays her love for this objective. Secondly, Donna holds many, if not all of the traits of a successful leader, including; drive, motivation, honesty, self confidence in her work, and most importantly, knowledge of business. All of these traits, alongside her honorable educational background, and passion for animals is why she will succeed as President and CEO.

2. Donna displays excellent task and relations orientation, unlike the people before her. She set goals, and designed a plan that would take longer than comfortable but would yield long lasting results. Her mission was to have her vision be a “shared dream” amongst the community. She executed this by including the community and employes in all decision making, asking for their ideas, and physical joining them to help them see that they were a team, and she was not only their superior.

3. Donna used legitimate power, referent power, expert power and social power orientation. She held all the knowledge and the title to use legitimate and expert power, but also used her passion for the zoo to inspire the community and employees, helping them to trust and like her. She used socialized power orientation by giving everyone a say and position in the vision of the zoo. One person cannot run a organization by themselves, a team should be involved and their say should matter, therefore I do believe that these are necessary in order for a leader to be successful.

4.Transformational leadership enhances the motivation, morale and performance of followers. After including the community and employees into the vision for the Buffalo Zoo, the fact that the zoo has...
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