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Topics: Adrenergic receptor, Asthma, Acetylcholine Pages: 4 (1592 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Class| Drugs| MOA| Indications| Contraindications| Drug Effects/Interactions| Adverse Rxns| Unique| Beta1 Adrenergic Sympathomimetics| Dopamine/Intropin (neurotransmitter/catecholemine)| * Dopamin is the only receptor to stimulate these site * A precursor in synthesis of NE * Action: Beta agonist/alpha agonist- dose dependentDopaminergic | * Dilate renal blood vessels, brain, mesentery and heart vessels increased blood flow * Stimulate alpha/beta receptors/vasoconstrictor, increase CO2 improves contractility of the heart also can cause renal dilation. Drug of choice for shock| | * Tx circulatory shock, heart failure and ↓ BP * Monitor for: Dysrhythmias * ↑ HR * Chest pain * Immediate onset * Duration of action < 10 minutes * Cardiac monitoring required!| Extravasation may cause necrosis.| Should be infused into a large vein Prevent possibility of extravasation into tissue adjacent. Infusion site should be continuously monitored for free flow.| | Dobutamine| Vasoactive adrenergicPrimarily cardioselective effects/beta 1 selective vasoactive adrenergic drug, direct stimulation of B1 receptors| * Increase cardiac output by increasing contractility and increase stroke volume, IV only * Tx for HF and cariogenic shock * Hypotension * Critical care observation| | * Upset stomach * Vomiting * Tingling sensations * Fever * Leg cramps * Headaches * Irregular heartbeat * ↑ in blood pressure and heart rate * Chest pain * Shortness of breath * Swelling (lower legs and ankles) * ↑ Fatigue * Lightheadedness, dizziness, or faintness * Skin rash * Dysrhythmias| | | | Albuterol Sulfate

(Proventil, Ventolin)| * Short-acting, selective, β2-adrenergic receptor agonist (bronchodialator)| * Sx relief during maintenance * Asthma * Emphysema * Acute/Chronic Bronchitis * Anaphylaxis| | Tachycardia , heart...
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