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CASE STUDY TOPICS You can use one of the Case Study Templates (see folder) to complete your work. Or use one of the suggestions below.
A. Would human cloning be of benefit to our species? You need to consider at least these points: How cell division occurs naturally The role of DNA in cell division How cloning occurs naturally in simple organisms How animal cells can be cloned How a whole organism is cloned (Dolly the sheep ...) How cloning has so far been used on animals How stem cells may be used in cloning Problems facing successful cloning in humans Evidence of potential useful purpose or research from human cloning 10. Has it already been done? 11. Ethical viewpoints on the process can be included but are a minor part of the work Website Links: Human Genome Project Information - Cloning Fact Sheet BBC News - Viewpoints: Human cloning Human Cloning - The Process How Stuff Works - How Cloning Works B. Could genetically modified plants and animals be the best way to feed the World? You need to consider at least these points: 1. Where in the World is there a regular lack of food? 2. How climate factors limit food production in some parts of the world 3. How pests & diseases limit food production 4. Which crops are needed to support these populations? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

5. How a plant/ animal can have it’s characteristic changed by changing its genes 6. Evidence of yields of GM / non-GM crops and animals 7. Examples of benefits of GM crops/animals 8. Examples of how GM crops may pose a threat to non – GM species 9. Comparative costs of GM / non-GM species Website Links: IATP - GE Food Alert Why We Need Genetically Modified Crops Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful? AgBioWorld - Supporting Biotechnology in Agriculture Friends of the Earth - Real Food BBC - Science & Nature - Cloning, yes or no? BBC News - GM mosquito 'could fight malaria' C. Should Biological warfare research continue? You need to consider at least these...
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