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Cold cases may be unsolved, but they are never forgotten. My name is Detective Saniya Kumar, and something has recently been brought to my attention. The past case of Paulus vs. people, in which no real solution was discovered, needs to be reopened. Just recently I was at a function where I overheard a few women talking about their husbands, who were doctors. One woman described a patient that her spouse had to look at. His patient had damaged intestines, but because of the technology today, they were able to save him. It triggered something in my mind about the past case of Paulus vs. people. The young child died because of damaged intestines. It made me wonder about exactly how the child had been hurt on the inside. While doing some research, I came across the fact that one of the only ways to cause damaged intestines is by the loss of blood flowing to that area of the body. It took some time, but I was able to get a warrant from the judge to get the case files of the homicide. It said that in the prep for the examination, the mother of the child, Thebedi, stated that she had heard and saw the father of the child pour liquid into the baby’s mouth which would have caused the damaged internal organs, since she did not report seeing anything else. That cannot be a true statement, because the child would have had to be strangled to death according to the autopsy, since the cut off of oxygen would stop the heart from pumping blood. The liquid would have possibly hurt the child, but would not comply with the physical evidence that was presented to the doctors. Although this case is around 40 years old, the circumstances of science have not changed. Not only that, but while I was doing some more digging in the evidence box, I noticed something else that was different. The gun that was supposedly pointed at Thebedi’s head was one that was supposedly lying around the farmers house. That would normally seem like a logical thing because a...
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