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Anglo Gold Ashanti ‘One Team’ People   
Engagement Case Study & Key Learnings 

HCI Africa case studies document strategic human capital and talent management practices, and key learnings from interventions in workplaces in South Africa. implemented by partners and associates of HCI Africa Background

The assumptions on which most businesses are being run no longer fit reality. Therefore the modern company is really its people – their knowledge, capabilities and relationships.” (Peter F. Drucker).

In 2009 AngloGold Ashanti commenced with the roll out of Project ONE, a change programme, devised to modernise and improve operating practices, improve performance levels across all areas of its business operations through consistent management and systems, reduce volatility, turn around operations, and increase productivity. Project ONE is being implemented in AngloGoldAshanti’s operations, globally.

Project ONE mainly comprises of two integrated initiatives: System for People (SP) and the Business Process Framework (BPF).
The SP model has a number of components of which the main ones are: the organisation’s values, SP subsystems, transformation and leadership & engagement. Its purpose is to establish the structure, processes and relationships, which will assist in the development of a capable, accountable and engaged workforce. It also serves to develop effective working relationships through effective leadership and employee engagement.

SP ensures that the right people are in the right roles and are working to ensure stable processes and excellent results. Engaged employees are active participants in the design and detail of their work, and are held accountable for their work.

SP includes the following principles:

Work for everyone at a level consistent with their level of current capability, values, and interests.

Opportunity for everyone to progress as his or her potential capability matures, within opportunities available in the organisation. Fair and just treatment for everyone, including fair pay based on equitable pay differentials for the level of work and merit recognition related to personal effectiveness appraisal. Managerial leadership interaction between managers and subordinates, including shared context, personal effectiveness appraisal, feedback and recognition, and coaching. Clear articulation of accountability and authority to engender trust and confidence in working relationships.

Opportunity for everyone individually or through representatives to influence policy development.

Leaders are expected to inculcate a values-based culture, which prioritises safety, diversity, mutual respect for colleagues, the environment and communities in which AngloGold Ashanti operates.
BPF on the other hand, focuses on technical operating systems through short and long-term planning and the execution of work. Business expectations are defined and operational targets set. A culture of continuous improvement is inculcated.

Enter Moses
Mechanical Engineer with a BSc degree and MBA graduate, Moses Madondo was appointed Process Manager, Savuka Gold Plant, in June 2010. He was previously Engineering Manager responsible for design services in the entire South African region.

Moses likes to lead through people: “I am quite democratic, not in a sense that I want everyone to agree, but I want to hear all views. I want people to feel good about what they do, generally. When there are problems, chances are that you are not leading people right. I give trust. I make people know that I believe in them. Leadership is situational. A clever leader understands the situation and responds to it.”

Savuka Gold Plant
“When I joined Savuka Gold Plant, there were a lot of labour relations issues. These were exacerbated by racial connotations. Gold mines are very conservative. Mines are still a white, male, Afrikaans...
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