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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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| | |1. Discuss how a ROWE-type program would fit in organizations where you have | |worked. Explain why it would work or would not work. | | | |ROWE – Results-Only Work Environment, is a human resources management strategy in which employees are evaluated and paid for results and their | |performance, rather than the hours worked. This strategy is a means to improve an organization's performance and focus less on the hours worked by | |employees. Most of the places I have worked have been retail. I feel that ROWE would not help in that type of environment. Paying employees based on| |how much they have worked, retail wise, wouldn't be very effective for one, because working retail can be unpredictable. Some days are slow, and | |some days are extremely busy. And what is there really to base the pay on when it comes to “results” ? Folding clothes, restocking, selling | |electronics? Retail Employees can't really help the demand of a product. They are there to assist in the purchase. There are too many unreliable and| |unpredictable factors to base an employees pay off of results, rather than pay. Employers should hire efficient and hard working employees that do | |what is needed of them, and pay them for the time that they have worked. | | | |...
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