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Answers to Case Study 12.1 Questions
| Short Term| Long Term|
Piet Andaro| * Piet will be demotivated impacting the performance of his team and himself. * He might receive negative comments from his management who does not have a full understanding of the role played by Piet which will lead to further dissatisfaction.| * Piet might look forward for a career break which will give him an opportunity to consider other options available to him. * Another competitive Airline might make an offer to Piet and Piet might take the offer taking in to consideration the unsatisfying working environment with the current employer. * In the long run the Airline will realize the overall breadth of work Piet performed and how Piet build good will among the customers and helped to retain them even under difficult circumstances.| The Airline| * The Airline will not see a massive reduction in ticket sales in the short term. * Airline might see an increase in customer complaints. * Airline management will remain in their comfort zone.| * Will have many dissatisfied economy class customers whom will switch to different Airlines in future. * Airline will see a considerable drop in sales which will force the Airline management to seriously look in to employee and customer issues.| The Customer| * Economy class customers will see a difference in the way they are being treated. * Customers having frequent flyer option will not have any issues.| * There will be an increased number of customers who will see that they are being treated badly compared to their previous experiences in flight overbooked situations. * Economy class customers will have a negative impression about the Airline which will trigger them to consider another competitive Airline. * Customer loyalty will reduce for the Airline. |

My personal opinion is that the current management of the Airline is maintaining their presence in their own comfort zones leaving people like Piet to handle situations sometimes which require involvement from the management. I think Piet’s manager is not proactive and doesn’t care much about checking if there are any problems at Piet’s level and below. In a general view the whole of top management seems not to care much how the operations run at the ground level as long as there’s money pumped in and they have something to report to their superiors/managers and so on.

Motivation Theories and their suitability:
Every organization, in this case the Airline should be having a vision and mission. From what I understood from this case study as an organization they are not focusing on their vision. They are not working towards a common goal. The organization is divided into several groups. There are self-motivated employees like Piet and his team who find self-satisfaction is helping their customers, passengers, the best possible way they can, and if motivated properly could be made to become role models inside the organization. There is another set of employees who are in the same category as Robert who could be motivated with extrinsic values for some time but otherwise demotivated most of the time. They consider their job as just a means of making a living and are not focused on achieving organizational goals. Then there’s the management who seem to be in their own comfort zone. The management does not seem to be proactive and they seem uninterested in finding problems inside the organization because they are being taken care of as long as the Airline is making money. My personal opinion is that poor motivation is seen from top management level which is transferred down to the ground levels as well. It’s people like Piet and teams working with him who at least work with commitment and motivation inside the Airline. These motivated people I believe were not properly identified and rewarded. Out of the several motivational theories I find that Equity Theory when applied to the whole...
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