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Topics: Management, Value, Integrity Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: February 8, 2013
MO 301 Case Study Alim Leung
Section 4
Atchinson Case

1. The terms of the psychological contract at the Atchison Corporation under the leadership of Jerome Atchison are of quality, integrity, and loyalty. Jerome Atchinson expects his employees to produce quality work and create a good environment to work in. Jerome Atchinson also expects his employees to uphold and maintain high integrity; even senior management could be discharged in cases of moral crime or dishonesty). Loyalty is the largest aspect of the psychological contract. Employees stay with the company for many years, if not their entire career. Managers are viewed in high regards and are rewarded the longer they remain with this company. In return, Jerome provides a family-orientated relationship with his employees, in which he protects and takes care of his employees, taking personal interests in the affairs of his employees. Everybody is an equal and an employee’s value is in the quality and dedication to his work

2. I expect that there will be changes to this contract under the leadership of Prince Millman. I believe that innovation and creativity will become more important over quality and loyalty. It will be about what the employee can create rather than how he she created. The employee is Millman will expect his employees to continually strive to be better and compete with other companies. Instead of more of an ‘equality” approach similar to Atchinson’s contract, Millman values competition among others. Employees may be rewarded for their ideas and change what they bring to the company while seniority and loyalty to the brand are not as heavy of a=values.
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