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  • Topic: EEStor, ZENN Motor Company, Energy storage
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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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What relationships are most critical to ZMC as it moves forward? The ZENN Motor Company started with a mission in their minds: “to make the world a better place while giving drivers a quality urban transportation that would positively impact the environment and reduce vehicle cost.” With this in mind they have work hard building relationships with their future customers, owners and their partnership with EEStor. Meeting customer needs and demands hasn’t been easy for the company. They decided that their target market was going to be wealthy people in the United States. They found out that this type of people were more concern in making a difference through their purchases. In their research they discovered the car design that interested them and meted their needs. The owners of the ZENN car have become very passionate and enthusiastic with the vehicle as they feel they are helping the environment and making a difference in the world with this car. While driving the ZEEN car the owners are creating awareness among people in the street. Whenever they stop people come constantly asking question about the car. But as this increased they noticed that people usually didn’t have the time to be stopped 10-20 minutes to answer questions so they solve this problem by providing them with marketing training and materials and decided to compensate them for the marketing they were doing. As the ZEEN Motor Company moves forward they realized they needed suppliers for new parts and components. That’s when EEStor, a Texas-based company, came along forming a partnership. They were developing a new type of electrical energy storage unit. This new technology would be smaller and lighter than the normal battery and would not be affected by extreme temperatures. This technology will provide the ZENN car with great benefits since the battery would charge faster and last longer than the original ones. The partnership between ZMC and EEStor resulted in a new strategy since these...
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