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Organizational Behavior Cases(2)
CASE - 1
Overview of Case 1
‡ 1st case is based on Albertsons, which is a huge grocery and drug store company. ‡ Company hired Larry Johnston during its fall of profits. ‡ When Johnston was in GE, he successfully sorted out a serious problem by initiating important changes and with the help of a training specialist named Ed Foreman. ‡ Ed Foreman provided motivation and attitude training program called the Successful Life Course. ‡ This program was also applied to Albertsons. . team work and most importantly improving the employees¶ attitude. and Abbott Labs. ‡ Foreman¶s program brought success at companies like Allstate. ‡ Program acted as a critical bridge linking employees with customers and also influenced positively Albertson¶s profitability. Milliken & Co.Overview of Case 1(cont¶d) ‡ The objective of this particular program is to grow confidence. Question 1: Explain the logic as to how foreman¶s 3-day course could positively influence Albertson¶s profitability? . 1 ‡ Albertsons is a grocery and drug company and deals with customer acquisition and retention. . It¶s business contains a huge opportunity for customer service..Solution to Question No. it can gradually move towards increased profitability. This is exactly what the Foreman¶s 3-day course was designed and intended for. By establishing an energetic and committed workforce or ³associates´. Cause & Effect analysis of different parts of the program ‡ Providing inspirational handouts positive impression about the program ‡ Yoga concentration towards the training program ‡ Working on their confidence level positive attribute about the product and service ‡ Explaining ³attitude´ and motivation for optimistic attitude come out positively while serving the customers ‡ Lecture on diet and exercise physical fitness of the employees ‡ Working on team spirit greater cooperation among the employees . mind control relaxation Mental well-being exercise.Content of course Benefit Yoga. exercise Group hugs. climbing hill Lecture on diet. team spirit Physical well-being Emotional well-being . ´ how valid and generalizable do you think this statement is? .Question 2: Johnston says. ³positive attitude is the single biggest thing that can change a business. ‡ In other words.2 ‡ Attitude: Evaluative statements or judgments concerning objectives.Solution to Question No. it is the predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea. It helps in the following manners± Increases confidence ± Helps in maintaining better customer relationship ± Ensures in making the best use of the potentials of the associates ± Makes the workers to deliver better performance in course of work . object.. ‡ Positive attitude is held to be a significant factor in changing a business performance. person or situation. people or events. Certainly. .Solution to Question No.2(cont¶d) ‡ But the statement cannot be said as a valid and generalizable statement as the positive attitude is claimed to be the single biggest factor that can change a business.. there are other factors involved that help in turning on a business. what could you do to evaluate the effectiveness of your $10 million investment in Foreman¶s training program? .Question 3: If you were...
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