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Mb110 Human Resources Management Fall 2010-2011

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The effective management of human resources is the key to organizational success. Organizations are seeking new ways of dealing with problems of globalization, a weak economy, rapidly changing technology, union-management relations, and changing demographics in the workplace. Managers and human resources professionals use a wide range of techniques for handling these and other challenges and ensuring that their employees and organizations are competitive and high performing. Employees must understand the basics of human resource management to function effectively in their organizations.

Managing human resources is a significant component of the strategic management of an organization. Within the strategic context, this course surveys the functions, processes, and techniques of human resources management. It examines human resource management from the perspective of human resources systems used and implemented by managers and human resources professionals. Equally importantly, it discusses the human resources issues all employees face and offers ways to deal with them.

After completing this course, students should be able to 1. describe the strategic role of HR in creating competitive and high performing organizations; 2. perform a job analysis and state its role in human resource management; 3. know and implement the steps in recruiting and selecting employees and identify the strategic issues related to staffing; 4. identify and select appropriate training options and show how they build and sustain the desired workforce; 5. create a career development system that includes organizational solutions for dealing with the interaction of work and family; 6. design a performance management system and show its links with an organization’s strategic plan; 7. understand the components of a compensation and benefits system and demonstrate their impact on selection, retention, motivation, and performance; 8. discuss key labor relations issues, including the unionization, negotiation, and grievance processes; 9. know the basic aspects of occupational safety and health; 10. specify the major issues and challenges in managing a global workforce.

The course takes both national and international perspectives on human resources issues. It uses a variety of pedagogical approaches – lectures, discussions, case analyses, classroom problems, videos, and guest speakers. The following presents the list of topics, as well as the assigned cases for each class session.

Week| Date| Topic| Reading Assignment| Class Assignment| Written Assignment| 1 | 9/7| Introduction| | | |
| 9/9| Career Workshop| | | |
2| 9/14| The Global Environment and Strategic HR Management| D chps. 1, 3, 14 | Jack Nelson’s Problem (D p. 16)| | | 9/16| The Legal Context| D chp. 2| Bandag Automotive (D pp. 439-441)| | 3| 9/21| Job Analysis| D chp. 4 pp. 76-83 and 110-119 only| | | | 9/23| Human Resource Planning and HRIS| D chp. 4 pp. 83-89 only| Sonoco Products Company (A) (pkt)| | 4| 9/28| Recruitment | D chp. 4 pp. 90-104 only | | | | 9/30| Selection| D chp. 5| Who Is Jake Gladeston? (to be distributed)| | 5| 10/5| Training and Development| D chp. 6| Leadership Development at Goldman Sachs (pkt)| | | 10/7| Performance Management| D chp. 7 pp. 185-210 only| | | 6| 10/12| Performance Management (cont.)| | A Day in the Life of Alex Sandler (pkt)| | | 10/14| | | | Guest speaker|

7| 10/19| | | | Examination #1|
| 10/21| Career...
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