Case Study

Topics: Scientific method, Hypothesis, Observation Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Ramon, Maria T.

Week 1 Case Study

Akron Children’s Hospital

1. What is business research?

The research that is done at Akron Children’s Hospital is vital to the success of those that are employed by the Hospital but mainly to those that use this hospital for care. The planning, acquiring, analyzing, and disseminating relevant data, information, and insights to decision makers in ways that mobilize the organization to take appropriate actions that, in turn, maximize performance. Akron Hospital is dedicated to researching professionals and accessing the diverse urban, rural and suburban patient populations.

2. Distinguish between explanatory and predictive research study?

Explanatory research has a different stand point than just a description. It attempts to explain certain phenomenon that the descriptive study only observed. There are theories or hypothesis that researchers use that are used to account the forces that have caused a certain phenomenon to occur. On the other hand predictive research study is a rooted in theory as explanation.

3. What are ethics?

Akron Hospital continues to strive to give their patients the best outcome. They have a philosophy in place that requires them to continue to strive for strong ethical values. They are continuously striving for the enhancement of the quality of patient care, amplification of the voice of their patients and their families, development of culture that promotes continuous improvement, strong leadership and improvement of business operations.

4. Describe the characteristics of the scientific method.

It is practiced in business research, guides our approach to problem solving. There are essential tenets of the scientific method:

Direct observation of phenomena, clearly defined variables, methods, procedures, empirically testable hypotheses, ability to rule out rival hypotheses, statistical rather than linguistic justification of conclusions, self correcting...
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