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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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1.Cadillac introduced it’s new luxury SUV that is called the Escalade, and they had no idea in what direction it would lead to. To their surprise, it becomes a instant classic and the most popular truck on the market. They weren’t set out to target a specific customer base, they just wanted to keep up with the SUV craze. They saw other companies putting out similar vehicles, so they wanted to dip into that market. Once it released, it seemed to become a staple in the hip hop community, sports world, and for regular customers looking for a luxury SUV. It became most prominent however in the hip hop and sports cultures. You see tons of athletes arriving to the games in their escalades, and a lot of hip hop artists have them featured in their music videos. For some reason, it just excelled in the market, and there is really no particular reason for it. It could be because of how unique it looks, the luxurious features, or just off the time it was released. The music and sports industry started to boom so there was a lot of money to be spent and the Escalade was the newest and hottest item on the street. 2.The Escalade became so popular I believe for the power it represents. I feel that if you own a Escalade, you have a sense of power in a way. Whether it shows that you have money, a sense of style, or anything else, it just brings off a certain type of vibe. It shows some type of boldness as well, because you think of personality when you think of an Escalade. When you look at one, you notice first how the shiny grill stands out and just how luxurious the car is. I think in a way Cadillac has extended its appeal because now a lot of the Cadillacs feature the shiny grill. You also see its influence on other vehicles, because a lot of competitors base their models off of it and try to make some similarities. 3.Other companies have a lot to learn from the Escalade. If they do it right, maybe they can become the leader in luxury SUVs. It’s all about whom you have to...
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