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1.0 Executive Summary

The XYZ Bank, due to a mini restructure in the establishment, transferred one of its Executives to a credit Department of another branch one year before. After six months of the transfer, the Senior Manager of the Credit Department decided to temporarily manage Chris the Executive of Credit Department, since the current Manager Credit is new to the position and Chris was having attitude and behavioral problems.

Chris had been performing well in his previous position in the previous branch according to the knowledge of the Senior Manager, but there aren’t any written proof; such as Performance Management Reviews.

In the new position offered to Chris, he had not been maintaining a good repot with colleagues or customers, since there were a lot of complaints with regard to his aggressiveness and unsurely manners. Also he had been steeling working hours from the XYZ Bank and worked in another office simultaneously.

Although, Chris was managed by the Senior Manager, the communication between the two was extremely minimal. Whereas, the Senior Manager called him twice during all six months, that is also when he realized missed deadlines; under performance of Chris.

Finally the Senior Manager does his preparation for performance review since two out of five main objectives set for him to achieve, were not achieved. But at the same time the Senior Manager realizes the causes for underperformance as well, from both the parties.

2.0 Introduction

Chris is work in XYZ bank. Employee current post holder is new and there have been a few issues with Chris attitude and behavior.

Chris performance had been satisfactory in his previous two years. But unfortunately his prior line manager has left the company without prepare any written performance management review form in his personal file.

There are complaints against his aggressive and unruly manner from the customers and peers. His superior in the head office but he is work from a branch office after restructuring the company. Chris and his superior had talk only two times within past six months.

The management did not concern about his performance, his behavior, mental problems and job related problems. Because of that Chris was unable to perform in his job satisfactory. .But at the same time the Senior Manager realizes the causes for underperformance as well, from both the parties

3.0 You are requires to identify all the issues relating to the performance management processes adopted and provide recommendations for improvement. Issues relating to Performance Management Processes adopted and provided (by XYZ Bank).

This case has around Chris who has worked at XYZ bank which is facing uncounted problems related his job, due to his company poor performances handling and his behavior . The main finding and issues are follows. Performance management is a process of creating a work environment in which people can perform to the best of their abilities. It is a whole work system that begins when a job defined.

The performance appraisal can be defined as a process typically delivered annually by a supervisor to subordinate, designs to help employees their roles, objectives, expectations and performances success.

Objective Settings and implement performance management system
The first step of good performance management is to set objectives. (Also know as goals, targets or key performance indicators). When we doing it there are more benefits and there are key elements of setting objectives. * Includes a specific and measurable description of a performance related activity or behavior. * Includes the intended action result or outcome within a set time scale. * Ensure it is realistic and achievable

* Agreed by both the...
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