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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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l. From what perspective are you analyzing the case? ll. What is/are the major opportunity/problem?
The major problems that was encountered by Mr. Morgan is the front desk personnel. They do not know how to handle their clients.

lll. What is/are your objectives.
lV A.) Facts of the case
The Facts in the case involves the problems the front desk manager regarding the
check-in procedures of the clients.

V. 3-4 Alternate/solution e/c one with its advantages / disadvantages.
a.) Morgan consider changing the check-in time in exchange for the front desk manager’s support of the conversion to an automated system.

Vl. Which alternate is best solution?

To educate the staff of the hotel in how to manage the personnel of housekeeping, clerk and people on reservation to be counters.

Vll. Recommendation / action plan.

Recommend that personnel handling the position should have knowledge in english communication other foreign language so that they can be understood by their clients.


1.) Morgan must take first into consideration in training competent front-desk personnel before making find decisions to adjust check in time and installing automated property management system.

2.) Personnel should have at least the knowledge to speak English and other foreign language So that it will not be a barrier in communicating with their clients and that they should be courteous in dealing with people.

3.) The front desk manager who is in charge of the desk clerk and housekeeping staff must make the final decision because she knows the real situation of the hotel. 4.) After resolving problems that causes involving front desk personnel, Morgan can present the...
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