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Topics: Critical thinking, Education, Participation Pages: 3 (489 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Article Summary of A Case for Student Communication
James W. Kithcart, Jr.
Grand Canyon University: UNV 502
November, 14 2012

A Case for Student Communication
An online community is designed to address the learning needs of it’s participants.

Learning objectives or proposed by the community instructor based on the course syllabus. In an

online learning community, students are encourage to share their knowledge threw discussion

forums, class wall, quizzes and by writing APA standard research papers. Audio, video, and

other Internet-supported mediums are used such as social networking sites to create an

environments with opportunities for reflection. Students are expected to maintain high

academic standards when submitting substantive writing often paraphrasing, summarizing, and

using quotations. This idea may deem difficult for some students as evidence by a high

number of students that with draw from online classes.

Attending online classes requires discipline, patience, presence and good time

management skills. It has been indeed difficult for me because I am a personal person that likes

to get to know my instructors and classmates. Student who don’t actively communicate and

participate typically do not succeed because they don’t develop critical thinking skills and fail to

develop strong relationships with their peer. All participants in the community must interact

through email, telephone and classmates discussion question to develop an active relationship

with one another. Two of the most effective means that adults learn are discussing and sharing

experiences. (Nagel Blignaut, Cronje, 2009) My experience as an AAU coach has proven to me

that people learning from caring, sharing and interacting with others.


Student that effectively contribute relative insight rather than insufficient jargon are usually

admired and brings value to the...
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