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A small, fairly successful and operated company was owned by the Montenegro Family. They specialized manufacturing furniture, because of their ability and expertise of making a good quality furnitures, the consumers are loyal to them as the company grew rapidly and its sales of 14,000 in the first year reached 11 million five years later. Producing a high-quality product was doing well.

However, the family-owned company was aspiring to take their business to a higher level for the satisfaction of consumers. In need of help defining and directing its vision and strategy in order to take their product and business to the next level of growth and profitability. I – TIME CONTEXT

The company started its operation by family collaborating to each other, their ideas and objectives as one as what the company is. The company has not grown yet like the present situation the company is into at the moment. The operation grew well but unlike what they wanted it to be, they need more defining effective product for the increasing level of sales. II – VIEWPOINT

As a manager, my observation to this is I think they have lack of leadership when it comes to their members. For effective production, the manpower and skills of individual should be direct by the owner of the company. They must have good communication to have each others view and ideas. As they transferred the information to be understandable to the receiver. III – STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The operation of the company is lack of defining and directing its vision for the attainment of their objectives. Together with this is dealing with concerns regarding the economic downturn at the time and its affect on our client's business. Addressing a lack of clarity regarding job roles, titles and responsibility. IV – OBJECTIVES

The owner must process the effective communication and leadership of their members. WANT OBJECTIVES...
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