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Topics: Knowledge management, Knowledge sharing, Knowledge base Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Siemens Keep Knowledge Management Booming

A review of Siemens Management Case Study

Latasha Smith
National University
November 03, 2012

A review of Siemens Management Case Study

1. How did Siemens knowledge management system evolve?

Siemens knowledge management system evolved into a formalized information system that is readily available to any employee regardless of title, rank, or position. The new implemented KMS allowed Siemens to leverage and manage the many skills and talent of the 460,000 employees. The evolved system is called Share Net which combined all aspect of file sharing such as chat, repository and search engine. With the use of ShareNet Siemens was able to make their brand more locative and preserve the reputation of being one the world’s leading technology company.

2. How does Siemens view knowledge (intellectual) assets?

Siemens knew the importance of being able to encompass a way of passing knowledge down from the most senior to junior employee was a task that needed to be done. This will not be an easy job considering that Siemens has 460,000 thousand employees worldwide. In order to be able to pass information to all employees in a timely matter it was imperative that Siemens overcome technical and cultural barriers to be able to reach all employees. With the amount of employees Siemens has they knew it was an array of potential that could be used for the good of the business, but there was not a system in place to capture it.

3. What does leveraging expertise mean? How did Siemens do this? Explain how this relates to the high return on investment.

Leveraging expertise means to disburse information across the board. Accruing knowledge from the knowledgeable and having it available at the hand of the entire organization in an organized format. Siemens accomplished this by implementing a knowledge base system that made it easy for employees to share information. The easier it is...
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