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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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Case Study I
Jermaine Davis
MHR 6451-12K-5A12-S2
June 26, 2012
Professor Bob Goldwasser

Case Study I
The recent incidents involving drugs supports the fact that Castulon Corporation should establish a drug-testing program. A drug-testing program would help provide a safer workplace for employees. Studies show that employees who use drugs with nonusers found that an employee who uses drugs is almost four times more likely to be involved in a job related accident (Icancevich, 2010). To make drug testing at cooperation effective there must be a specific policy that has to be implemented and followed. This policy should include disciplinary procedures for dealing with employees who test positive for drug use. The actions against an employee when testing positive for drug use must be consistent and across the board for every failed drug test (Human Resources and Payroll Management, 2008). The use or possession of illegal drugs or use of alcohol cannot be tolerated. While the corporation is firm, it will resolve any reasonable doubt regarding the testing procedure or results in the employee’s favor. Disciplinary action can be taken after a complete and thorough review of the applicable data (Human Resources and Payroll Management, 2008). Employees are being provided pre-deprivation notice and a meaningful opportunity to respond prior to the imposition of disciplinary action. The first penalty for a positive drug or alcohol test will result in disciplinary action all the way up to termination. Factors to be considered in determining the appropriate sanction include, but or not limited to, the employee’s work history, length of service, current job performance and the existence of prior disciplinary actions. A second positive drug test or alcohol test would result in termination. Any employee who refuses to submit a drug or alcohol test and fails to cooperate in anyway will also be terminated (Human Resources and Payroll Management, 2008). There are difficult...
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