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Case Study

By | September 2012
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Case Study

Sammie Lyles

January 10, 2011

COMM 215

Julie McCabe

In April, Carl Robins was hired by ABC, Inc as the new campus recruiter. Shortly after his hire Robin’s, was able to hire 15 employees in the operations department, even though he had only been on the job for about six months. In mid May, Robin’s was contacted by Monica Carroll’s, who was the supervisor for the department about the processing of the new employees he had fired for her. Robin’s went over the various things that need to get done in order for the employees to start, such as training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests, and a host of other issues, and told Monica that he was taking care of everything and that the employees would be process on time in order to start their new jobs in her dept on June 15th.

After Carl came back from his Memorial Day weekend, he went to check the status on the trainees and to confirm that everyone was going according to plan, when he noticed that some of the documents needs to process the new trainees had not been completed on time and that he was becoming worried. He also noticed that none of the drug tests were completed either. He then went to check on the conference room, where the orientation would be held, and quickly became aware that Joe had already reserved the room for an all month training sessions. Once Carl became awake of all that was going wrong, he didn’t know what he would do to solve the problem.

After reviewing the above scenario, I have noticed quite a few problems that Carl is facing. First, I would say that he was unprepared to hire any employees let alone 15 of them. He was not prepared in establishing the requirements that he would need in order to hire the employees, he was not prepared in the materials, and it does not seem like he was properly training in the hiring and what he needs in order to get the...

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