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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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Solex-Digital: Effective Negotiation Strategies
1. No, it is not worthwhile for Marilyn to negotiate with Mr. Logan. Because Mr. Logan provides a discount that Marilyn’s company can’t make any profit. 2. No. It is because Marilyn’s company will have negative image to the other clients and their reputation will be broken also. If she does those strategies she definitely couldn’t get any orders from Mr. Logan and from other company and most of all the trust that the customer give to you will be broken. 3. If I were the sales manager of Marilyn, I will advice her to let go Mr. Logan and don’t accept the 20% discount. It is because we don’t have any assurance that Mr. Logan will retire soon. Instead of focusing in one client, I will advice her to find another clients that are willing to have a business with us and not so arrogant like Mr. Logan. I will tell her also that there are a lot of clients who are waiting to be recognized and to be entertained. 4. For me, Customer relationship Management or CRM has a big role in dealing with difficult buyers like Mr. Logan. It is because as the name CRM implies that CRM deals with managing relationships. So through CRM, salespeople can manage on how to deal with different customers.

Marc Olen B. Nimes Case Study 4.1
3/BSBA/D August 6, 2012
Solex-Digital: Effective Negotiation Strategies
1.No. If Marilyn agrees to a 20% discount the company she represent will not gain profit. Solex-digital is surely a profit-oriented business so it would be useless if Marilyn will negotiate with Mr. Logan. 2. No, because the image of Solex-digital will be affected. If Marilyn will do the same many existing customers left from the company and they no longer acquire products from Solex-Digital. The trust of the customer from you will be broken. 3. As her sales manager, I would tell her to let go Mr. Logan because there is no assurance when will Mr. Logan retire. I would advice her to...
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