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  • Published : June 2, 2012
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A Case Study
Karen Jacusis
May 31, 2012

A Case Study
Coach Bobby Knight was the coach for the Indian Hoosiers where he created a winning legacy as well as a certain leadership style that worked for some and not for others. In reference to the leadership models from Robert Katz and Michael D. Mumford, the different skills at that are needed for a leader are technical, human and conceptual. After reading the article, Coach Knight: The Will to Win I have read about the technical skills that are expressed about in that he was very technical in that he understood how to play the game of basketball. So he was able to create a great team where each player expanded and improved all of their skills with his coaching and knowledge of how the game is played. The next skill is conceptual where a good leader is able to see what needs to be done to go to the next level. In the case of a basketball coach he needs to know how to get his team to win and move up the ranks and win the championship. As a coach Bobby Knight knows how to win games and sees where he can take the team. The skill that he in some people’s opinion that he lacked was the human skill. A leader who has the human skill is able to listen to those he is leading and understands to how to use each person’s skills to archive the highest level. With Coach Bobby Knight he was known for violent outlandish actions on and off the court. His former players and family understand that his way he runs things is through intimidation and angry outbursts. To Bobby Knight’s credit he created winning program at Indiana and they won and were national champions. Unfortunately the coach that everyone thinks of is the man throwing a chair across the court when he dislikes a call by the referee. According to players that were interviewed he is known simply as The General. He demands perfection and to get that he would do whatever he felt was needed to do in order to get them to win. In regards to his leadership style...
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