Case Study 1 the Complete Accounting Cycle

Topics: Organizational structure, Project management, Management Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Huntsville Plant Organizational Structure
Keller Graduate School of Management

The organizational structure is basically the system that a company develops to organize itself it determines who is in charge of what. There are different types of structures. The main structures are the Functional structure, the Autonomous structure, and the matrix structure. Each structure has advantages and disadvantages; each company needs to make a decision on what type of structure they are going to use in project management to ensure that all needs are met across all departments that will be involved in the project.

The Huntsville Project is operating on a Matrix structure. This structure is a blend of the Autonomous and Functional organizational structures. In the Matrix structure the project manager does not have complete authority of the project team. In the Huntsville project the team members that are being utilized work in different departments within the company. In this situation the team will work on the project and still complete their normal daily functions in their own departments. The team members will have their own functional manager to report to as well as the project manager. The Matrix structure works best for the company’s needs to complete the Huntsville project because it is a blend of both the Autonomous and Functional structures. The Autonomous project structure would not work because it is not cost effective. The company’s goal is to increase profit and establish themselves as a leader in the industry so the company can’t afford to have cost inefficiency. The Functional structure is generally better suited for a company that will be making a product to sell. Even though the SEITZ Corporation does make products that are sold to consumers the Huntsville project is about making a plant for the company, the end customer is the SEITZ Corporation itself and the sponsor Walter Seitz. The focus for the...
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