Case Studies Chapter 5 and 6

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1. What kind of reinforces does Salatino use to motivate his sales people?

Salatino uses every ones favorite reinforcements, money! Money is considered a secondary motivator because its not considered a basic human need. Saltaino uses commissions ranging between 5% and 12% as an incentive motivate his employees to make sales. This secondary motivator is a positive motivator because money is why people have jobs and careers.

2. What kind of reinforcement schedule is used by Great Northern American to pay salespeople?

Great Northern American applies two reinforcement schedules to pay sales people, fixed interval schedule and fixed ration schedule. In a fixed interval schedule employees are paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly. A pay scale of this nature matures after a certain period of time.

The second reinforcement scale used is a fixed ratio scale. The commission earned by employees at Great Northern American is an incentive that motivates employees to produce more sales. The fixed ratio scale is centered on performance and works well with commission-based programs.

3. If you were Salatio, how might the concept of self-efficacy help you hire successful sales people?

If I were Salatio I would view the Self-efficacy principle as a pillar to success and the hiring process. In sales you need self-driven, motivated, and enthusiastic people with good people skills. If a potential candidate for hire has a low self-efficacy they would more than likely not stay with the company. Potential high self-efficacies candidates have the ability needed to perform the task, they are capable of completing the task, and nothing will stop them from completing the task. High self-efficacy employees also learn company and accept company selling tactics, rules, and policies to help them exceed expectations of the company. Hiring employees with a high self-efficacy is necessary for the success of the company; if employees aren’t making sales, the company isn’t earning money.

Chapter 6

1. Go to Fortune Magazine, February 2, 2009, and turn to pages 64-65 or go to and search under the heading “SAS Family.” Using the criteria on these pages, evaluate the SAS Institute. Do these criteria reveal why SAS consistently makes the list of “Best Companies to Work for in America”?

a. SAS has a unique approach to employee benefits. It appears as if the company places a great deal of respect and admiration for its employees and their families. SAS has several programs designed to strengthen family and make it easier for employees to keep their families a priority. SAS also offers numerous benefits such as on site health and child care, on site financial coaching, 7 hour work days so employees can have dinner with their family. It is clear why employees of SAS are so loyal to the company and the turnover rate is so low.

2. What’s motivating Jim Goodnight?
What’s motivating Jim Goodnight is the fact he’s built his company on principles that family is first. There are a lot of fringe benefits that employees receive being employed at SAS. Employees receive childcare services, flexible schedules, and reduced work hours. The company set a balance between work and family to include enhanced family dining features in the cafeteria. The work environment is relaxed with bosses who perform the same work as the employees to facilitate completion of tasks. The return on his family investment is a low employee turn over rate. This low employee turn over rate which in turn saves the company.

4. Would I like to work for SAS? Why or why not?
If I were in that field SAS would be a desirable place to work, specifically for the fact the managers all have technical knowledge on the products and they help write the codes for them. The family approach is a nice touch to the culture of the company because if family life is...
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