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Wegman Food Markets, a regional supermarket chain based in Rochester, New York, is one of the top 75 U.S. supermarkets in terms of sales volume.

With its unique way of Human Resource Management, WFM gained respect in the industry by giving specialized trainings to its employees to improve the output of its work, increase production and customer satisfaction.

The WFM assumes that people who understand what they are selling and who care about costumers will naturally be able to sell by providing value to the customer through their knowledge and positive attitude.

Also, the Wegman includes youth to work in teams to gain knowledge of the company values and mode of job.

Statement of the Problem:

Training employees is an aspect of Human Resource Management that must be taken into a closer look. Increased in production does not only compels effective manager but also efficient workers. Without effective trained employees a business could not achieve greater outputs in its products or services.

Educating workers about the nature of the job in a very critical manner entails training them both theoretical and technical. As what we know, learning cannot only come in the four corners of a room but it also come from outside the walls.



Effectiveness issues can come in any manner on any aspect: they could be technical skills, theoretical skills, psychological skills or social skills. Giving a fine look to these aspects would unarguably develop the product/service output of an employee.

As such, providing trainings for employees would generate sales to a company and satisfying the desired working conditions of every worker.


Primarily, providing trainings to workers entails a portion of the company’s time effort and money.
If the employees will be training for a period of time, the quantity of the products generated at certain time period will decrease because of the time consumed in learning.


When workers have enough knowledge about the work’s nature of course selling the products will be easy.
Excellent employee means quality products and satisfied customers.


The only threat from this is the conflict between employees because of skills. This means that when a human is much delighted of what he can do, he would naturally want more. In terms of working, if an employee is trained and gained skill he will naturally demand for a higher salary and position.

SWOT Analysis:

Giving trainings to employees is a good thing to do if the business wants to gain a positive output in its sales and customer satisfaction but it must see to it that trainings given must be for a great cause of improving the quality of products and services of the company although partially it aids in workers individual self-improvement.



The case is about privacy of employees in certain aspects of their life such as habits and lifestyle.
Miracle-Gro Company who faced a controversial issue on employee’s privacy by extending its HR to verification of minor health concerns of workers as a submission to continue the job. The company faced legal cases when Scott Rodrigues was fired for having been failed to one of the health test required for working with the company in this case (presence of tobacco in the body)

The company faced the case but they defended their stand by providing a testimony from one of their workers stating that the measures were beneficial and necessary.

Statement of the Problem:

Miracle-Gro Company required their workers to meet their standard health status verified by their medical tests results. In this situation, workers who are efficient in their fields are forced to change their habits just to attain what is asked of them to sustain their job in return. Thus, they are unfulfilled and...
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