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Case One
Shroff International Travel Care opens door to Philippines
In many markets, large superstores are seriously threatening the livelihood of small local business owners. This is true online as well. Imagine the concerns of the owner of a small local bookstore competing with huge online business such as and other who have both a web and physical presence such as Barnes & Noble. The same can be said about the travel industry. How can a local travel agency compete with Travelocity, Expedia, and Priceline? One answers lies in finding your unique niche. Shroff International Travel Care, Incorporated [SITCI] found its niche. SITCI is a small travel agency with two offices in and near Manila in the Philippines. SITCI prides itself on its extensive knowledge of travel in the region, and its high level of customer satisfaction. SITCI believes that it can provide customer with better deals, more effective service, and more options than the big online travel companies. SITCI recently decided to automate their reservations system through a Web-based service.”If you take a look at the reservations process in the travel industry, most of them are excellent candidates for automation,” states Arjun Shroff, CEO and managing director of the company. Taking the business online provides several advantages: 1) Shroff can present travel options to customers in a more organized manner to be viewed anytime. 2) The web site provides self-service for customers to book their own flights, hotels, and ground transportation, and 3) the website transforms the business from a local entity to a global entity. The website ( provides deals and information on tour packages, resorts and hotels, visa applications, airline reservations, embassy listings, and limousine services. Airline reservations are provided through the Amadeus global travel distribution system. Amadeus is a global provider of IT applications designed for the travel and tourism industry. Amadeus also provides the transaction processing system that allows customers to pay the flights and accommodations through SITCI’s website. The new system has freed up time for SITCI travel agents to work on the more complicated reservations and ticketing work.”Information technology allows our agency to enhance our product and service offerings, provide better and modern service to our existing customers, and even reach out to new customers. You simply cannot do without IT today,” Shroff said. Mr. Shroff takes his national responsibilities seriously and believes that taking his business online will help move the country forward.” We have to be very creative and innovative in attracting tourists to Philippines; sincerely in dealings, continuous presence in all local and international travel trade-related shows will keep the country on the go,” Mr. Shroff said. Arjun Shroff trained with International Air Transport Associations and Universal Federation of Travel Agents Association [IATA/UFTA] in Switzerland and has spent 29 years in the travel industry in various countries.

Discussion Questions
1. Tour the website. Who do you think this website is primarily designed to assist-local customers or global customers? Answer:
The website is primarily designed to assist local and global customer. The Shroff International offers complete service & facilities for domestic and international travel. Their main services include handling flight bookings and reservations for domestic and international – liaison with local and foreign clients regarding their travel needs (their reservation system is linked with all International Airlines worldwide through Global Distribution Systems ABACUS, AMADEUS and GALILEO). They formulate customized itineraries for domestic tours depending on the client needs and handles hotel bookings in the metro and provinces. Besides the above services, they also conduct seminars on "Airline and Travel...
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