Case Stude on Dry Cleaners Presto

Topics: Customer, Dry cleaning, Laundry symbol Pages: 4 (1411 words) Published: November 22, 2011
Executive Summery.
Presto has been Mr Shelton’s main laundrette because of its opening and closing hours it has suited him most because of the hours he works he doesn’t mind that its bit more expensive than other dry cleaners. One day Presto decided to get a new system and things all went downhill for Mr Shelton when his laundry went missing. He never had a problem like this before so he was very frustrated. Mr Shelton has tried everything to get through to the complaint officer but there was no answer for ages. Eventually when he did get through to Mr Hoffner he was waiting for 2 weeks for a claim form back of Mr Hoffner. Presto would do nothing for Mr Shelton only tell him his clothes would come up which they did in the end they were put in with another customers laundry and that was a mix up on the new systems behalf. Mr Shelton still wanted a refund for the 4 new shirts he went off to buy because Presto misplaced his other ones and a refund for that day’s laundry but presto wouldn’t do so as the laundry showed up. Mr Shelton would want to be satisfied to stay doing his laundry with Presto and if not he said he will tell family, friends and colleagues about this situation. I feel that presto have a lot to manage with that new system before everything works out nice and handy for them. Before putting that new system into practise they should of tested it, they also should employ more staff to be by Mr Hoffner so customers can hear back straight away instead waiting. Most of all they should defiantly have a back-up system.

Question 1.
Mr Shelton was a very upset customer because he was with Presto for a year and never had any problems with them until this new system was implemented. The reason Mr Shelton is so upset is because his laundry went missing, laundry that his wife and he really needed and nothing like this had happened before. He was upset and angry that Mr Hoffner was never available to talk and when Mr Shelton did get to talk to Mr...
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