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There are many companies and industries successful pilot in Oman .The Zubair Automotive Group, one of these companies where it owns 50 owned company in various parts of the world. Zubair Group was founded about Muhammad Zubair in 1973, which was founded based on a core set of corporate values ​​that set it distinguish them from other companies. Al-Zubair is currently one of the most recognizable companies in Oman and the list includes: Mitsubishi Motors, Fuso, orde, Volkswagen, Ram addition to buses, trucks and transportation companies. It is the most important key factors that helped the company Zubair improve and achieve new heights are the company's focus on human resource development more than any other factor. It's also a proud heritage of Oman and justice to be a trusted name and commit to training and career development, and development for many young Omanis and talented in addition to the Zubair Automotive Group welcomes all people ambitious, talented and hard-working from all over the world and will have a lot of opportunities and various services and work areas and other countries and is committed to achieving the ambition of every person who works with them.

ID card for AL-Zuber Company:
Name: Zubair automotive group
Established: 1973
Address: Zubair Automotive Group LLC
P.O. Box 800, P.C. 111
Sultanate of Oman

It is the government of the country and it helps the company (zubair automotive group) to be international in business and to be famous.

Is a system of government in Oman of the rules and obligations and systems that may affect positively and negatively. On the positive side that rules and regulations be by the government, such as protecting ZG of the behaviour of others moral of VPL some competitors where the political system in Oman is a monarchy allows companies to set up businesses and doing business, because there is no government intervention may spoil and adversely affect the ZAG. The political structure of the Government of the Sultanate of Oman is considered successful and because of that each component of the structure of the President and the ministries and organizations to work together in order to guide the international or global success to success.

It is the most factors that Oman takes care from them because it is sensitive in environment. Legal system:
Is a System and the rules and laws that we can use to deal with mistakes. Oman legal system user is important for international companies, whether local, uh, to request the exercise of rights of workers and show. It is likely influenced by the legal system of the political system. Under this system, a group Zubair affect him and protect his dealings with Japan or with other countries.

Oman establish many of the issues that intellectual property be safe for example, companies in their Web sites put EST Zubair some conditions when dealing with them such as trademarks and copyrights in addition he would not allow anyone to sell some or dissemination of information.

The legal risk it happen when the second part of contract cut the agreement or does not apply and follow the laws that already make it in both countries. The al zubair group does not face any risk because of Omani legal system.

It is very important in the countries because it show it the country developed or growth. And it should from government to be confines about the important of economic to encourage or do business and international product.

It is economic system in Oman that the government tries to keep a good economy in the country because the policy implementation is the free market economy, where the benefits of this economy are evenly distributed among the citizens. The Omani economy is proof of that high gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. This economic system has a positive impact on companies as Zubair Automotive, and it allows them to cooperate with other countries, which increases its number of...
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