Case Scenario Bug Usa

Topics: Trade secret, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Economic Espionage Act of 1996 Pages: 4 (1505 words) Published: February 6, 2012
Case Scenario, BUGusa, Inc.

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BUGusa is a company who designs, manufactures, and sells electronic recording devices. These devices are highly sophisticated and even used by local police departments and the FBI. The devices are typically used to record sounds and noises through houses. Because these devices are highly sophisticated, BUGusa spends a lot of money in the research and development of these devices. The large investment that BUGusa spends to create such unique devices can be protected in a number of ways. These include trade secret protection, patenting their products, and even registering their trademark. These will each be discussed in detail throughout this essay. Even when BUGusa takes caution and thinks their protected by the law, the company’s own employees can turn on the company and hurt them in a large way. In this example, Steve is hired by WIRETAP, to intercept email and give that information to a competitor. We will examine his actions and decide what civil violations he may be breaking. Another incident we will examine is when Walter discovers Steve working for another company. It appears as though he takes matters into his own hands; so we will examine this and see if BUGusa is liable in anyway. Another issue that we will surely look at then is if WIRETAP is liable for Steve’s actions since they did in fact hire Steve. Finally, we will go over the recent break-ins of the vehicles and muggings of Bug employee’s. These employees have been targeted at their workplace and we will identify whether or not BUGusa is liable.

BUGusa’s success as a business relies on them designing state of the art microphone devices that law enforcement agencies can use to fight crime. Law enforcement as well as the FBI chooses BUGusa’s microphones because they’re unique and have the ability to hear through the walls of a house. BUGusa must protect their inventions so other companies can’t copy and sell similar technology. One thing...
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