Case Scenario

Topics: Robbery, Piracy, Theft Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: November 18, 2011
You are provided with a scenario. Based on what you have learned so far, organize as if you are responding to the scene. You are to divide up the responsibilities and describe the responsibilities for each role. As a team, write a report about what you accomplished on the scene and what documentation took place…… Case Scenario:

As a team, you are called to the scene of an armed robbery. The subjects robbed a convince store and the patrons inside it. The culprits then fled in a green vehicle that was later recovered. Witnesses on the scene said two males and a female, armed with guns, entered the store without masks and gloves and fled the scene after receiving money and possessions from the patrons and employees. I decided to take the role of the officer that was talking to the witnesses; and I would do the following: * Talk to the witnesses and ask them what color hair the suspects had, eye color, any visible tattoos, if they touched anything that was not taken with them. Did one of them have a limp? Could they recall enough about the people or persons to talk to a sketch artist and have a composite drawn up? I would then ask the employees if they had any working cameras and if so, would they have the video recording of the incident that we could have as evidence. I would take down names, telephone numbers, addresses, etc. I would then in return give them the information needed to contact the police department if they may think of something later on or if they have any questions or concerns.
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