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Topics: Nueva Ecija, Marketing, Types of business entity Pages: 6 (1595 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Wesleyan university- philippines
college of business and accountancy

TITLE:Establishing CorFaDe Feeds Manufacturing Company in Munoz Researchers:Julius S. Corpuz
Julius Brian H. Dela Cruz
Kenneth Jan A. Fajardo
Degree:Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Adviser:Dr. Apolinar Alfonso
School:Wesleyan University - Philippines
Date of Defense:February 20, 2013

Statement of the Problem
It is the intention of the study to analyze the feasibility of establishing a feed manufacturing business in Science City of Muñoz. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions:
1. Who will be the target market? What marketing strategies would be appropriate for this business? 2. What technical processes are to be used in the operations of the project? 3. What organizational structure is best for this project? 4. How much capital would be needed and what source of financing can be used in the implementation of the project? 5. What are the social and economic benefits of the project?

Scope and Limitation of the Study
This study deals with the feasibility of establishing “CorFaDe Feeds Manufacturing Company”, a business that mills animal feeds for swine, in Science City of Muñoz with the emphasis on the marketing, technical, management and financial aspects of this business.

As to management aspect, the study describes the form of business organization most appropriate for this project, its manpower requirements as to number of employees, personnel qualifications, duties and responsibilities and the compensation scheme to be employed.

As to marketing aspect, potential market shall be limited to local condition of Muñoz where the business is to be established. Also, the study is confined to the bases used to establish the demand and supply of swine feeds, the target market, the demand and supply projections, and the marketing techniques to be adopted to ensure profitability of the business for the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

As to technical aspect, the study identifies its proposed location, its advantages, and its workplace arrangements. It also described the technical processes involved in manufacturing.
As to financial aspect, this study determines the amount of capital needed to establish this type of business as well as the financing scheme to be availed. The projected financial statements for a five-year period covering the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 are also presented. Analysis using different capital budgeting techniques is also presented.

Selected households and establishments in Muñoz have been used as a source of data gathering regarding the prospective market. Competent persons are interviewed and operations of different companies with same type of business are observed to provide useful information regarding the industry.

This study deals with the feasibility and viability of establishing “CorFaDe Feeds Manufacturing Company” in Bantug, Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija.
The researchers used the descriptive method in conducting the study. This served as a basis for gathering data in order to find if the proposed project is feasible and viable. The techniques used in gathering the data needed were interviews, questionnaires and library techniques. There are four aspects to be considered in the study namely; marketing, technical, management and financial aspects.

Findings of the Study

Marketing Aspect
The business will be located at Brgy. Bantug, Science City of Munoz (Munoz). The city’s status of being an agricultural city makes it the best location for this type of agro-industrial business. Its target market shall be the swine raisers, both backyard and commercial, in Munoz. Munoz as well is one of the important suppliers of meat in Nueva Ecija especially in nearby municipalities and cities. The researchers will apply marketing strategies such as giving freebies like vitamins, hog booster, etc. seasonally to...
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