Case Report: Beijing Eaps Consulting Inc.

Topics: Project management, Management, Project Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: November 12, 2010
Q1. What is the organizational structure of Beijing EAPS Consulting (BEC) before 2006? And, what are the advantages and the disadvantages regarding this structure? Before 2006, Beijing EAPS Consulting Company’s structure was established by organic and informal structure. Organic structure is a network and emphasis horizontal specialization, extensive use of personal coordination, and wide communication among members with loose rules, policies, and procedures. Informal groups provide a social environment for staffs, who share understanding, attitudes and values that can strengthen their commitment to their work. The Beijing EAPS Consulting company structure’s advantages are: * Strong relationships between their members

* All employees help to each other as a learning new technology and understand each others’ work. * All members feel like a larger part of the organization as a whole. Every employees work on two or more tasks. * Improvement of job satisfaction. Each employee's work mainly related with their personal interests and schedules. The Beijing EAPS Consulting company structure’s disadvantages are: * There is no strong leadership to lead and to gain the respect and support of others * Reduction in professionalism. Most of employees graduated same university. * Members conform to its norms, and use penalties and sanctions to punish those who deviate from these norms. * Lack of human resources: All six members work as a team on each project, that's why other projects may be delayed. 2. What is the organizational structure of BEC since 2006? And, what are, in theory, the advantages and the disadvantages of this new structure? Since 2006, Beijing EAPS Consulting company structure changed to mechanistic and formal structure. Mechanistic structure is primarily hierarchical, with an emphasis on specialization and control and vertical communication with heavy reliance on rules, policies, and...
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