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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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DATE DUE: MARCH 30, 2013

Note: Students will work together in assigned groups and prepare one solution per group. Any member of a group can submit the solution; please do not submit multiple copies.

1.Identify the key decisions faced by Akamai as it evaluates its edge computing strategy, and make suitable recommendations. Your recommendations should account for (i) how edge computing differs from content delivery, and the resulting implications to Akamai’s customers; (ii) the role of partnerships for Akamai; and (iii) the possibility of multiple standards in the marketplace. Include any other issues you have identified as important. Your recommendation should be presented in an executive summary that is at most two-pages long, and consist of the following three parts (and these three parts only): I. Statement of the problem(s)

II. Recommendations
III.Discussion and analysis of the recommendations. This should also include limitations of the proposed solution(s). The recommendations should be action-oriented and should be stated in bullet points. Be sure to prioritize the steps that the company should take if the proposed solution consists of multiple actions. The discussion and analysis should clearly present the choices available to Akamai for addressing the problem(s) identified, and why the proposed recommendation(s) is (are) the best in your opinion. The limitations of the proposed recommendation(s) should be clearly discussed (for example, if you have made certain assumptions, how would the outcome of your recommendations be affected if the assumptions do not hold or conditions change). You will be graded on both content and presentation. Generally, you should not include data from the case in the executive summary or in the attached exhibits. Either refer to the exhibits in the case or summarize the data appropriately. Write a concise and convincing...
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