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Topics: Fever, Dengue, Dengue fever Pages: 48 (6344 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Far Eastern University
Institute of Nursing
S.Y. 2011-2012

Fever Syndrome

Combo, Ma. Celine B.
Pascua, Angelique R.
Pascua, Arianne Mae J.
Polinar, Carlo A.
Quinit, Mary Jay-Ane C.
Resumadero, Elisha Marla S.
Rodriguez, Jeszmarc L.
Salatandre, Patricia Nadine P.
Santos, Karen Grace L.
Serrana, Marianne Alyssa DC.
Surio, Rea .
Tomas, Mariane Joyce M.
Usi, Joseph T.
BSN 301 Group 4

Ma’am Sharon Bobier RN, MAN


Dengue fever, a flu-like illness spread by Mosquitoes, often emerges when the insects are able to breed in large numbers in locations exposed to still water such as containers, improperly managed garbage, building sites and flower pots. The disease is particularly prevalent in substandard housing areas with poor sanitation. There is currently no treatment or vaccine for dengue. Early recognition and prompt supportive treatment can substantially lower the risk of developing the severe disease. The principal symptoms of dengue fever are high fever, severe headache, severe pain behind the eyes, joint pain, muscle and bone pain, rash, and mild bleeding (e.g. the nose or gums).

The Philippines have been a dengue fever hotspot for several years, but the latest statistics are alarming: 4, 399 cases in 2011 versus 1,984 in 2010. (HealthyTravelBlog)

The World Health Organization considered dengue as one of the fast-emerging infections in the world. Among the estimated 2.5 billion people at risk globally, more than 70% reside in the Asia Pacific countries, with the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines among those particularly badly affected. (Department of Health)

We, group 4 chose Dengue Fever Syndrome because Dengue cases in our country increases during rainy season. This case presentation aims to identify and determine the general health problems and needs of the patient with an admitting diagnosis of Dengue fever syndrome. This presentation also intends to help patient promote health and medical understanding of such condition through the application of the nursing skills and for the students to gain knowledge, skills and attitude. At the end of our case presentation, each of us shall have acquired a sufficient knowledge, appropriate skills and attitudes needed in assessing clients, planning and implementing nursing care, evaluate outcome of care in clients with Dengue.

I. Biographic data

Name: X
Address: Quezon city
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Marital Status: Single Occupation: business woman
Room: 414
Chief complaint: Fever
Admitting Diagnosis: Systemic Viral Infection
Final Diagnosis: Dengue Fever Syndrome
Attending physician: Dr. Joseph Baldomero

II. Nursing history:

|Past health history |History of Present Illness | |Patient X said that she doesn’t remember if she has complete |The history of present illness started two days prior to admission | |immunization, she verbalized “Hindi ko na kasi alam yan kung kumpleto |when patient experienced undocumented fever which was associated with | |ako o hindi, hindi ko na maalala” As for her childhood diseases, she |headache and cough and productive with yellowish phlegm. No other | |verbalized that she had the usual disease that a child can have like |associated signs and symptoms like colds, vomiting and abdominal pain | |chicken pox, measles, and mumps, but she doesn’t remember if she took |and dysuria. No medications taken, no consult done. | |any forms of medications to treat those diseases. |Few hours prior to consult still with persistent above signs and | |Patient X doesn’t have...
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