Case One

Topics: Research, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: October 12, 2012
Singhquaverton Madden
Dr. Joseph Ben-Ur
Buyer Behavior

Case One: Using Secondary Data in Targeting Consumers

1. Based on the audience profile of the two magazines (GQ & Vogue) I used I would say the products prominently advertised are consistent with MRI audience profile for each magazine. The audience profile for the GQ magazine was largely dominated by men, so most products advertised in the magazine were mainly products such as men’s clothing and things that a man would use in their everyday life. For the audience profile for Vogue it’s more focused on the women so the products advertised were all focused on women consumers. The products were things that a woman would like such as makeup, various clothing, perfume, and accessories. So based on the MRI audience profile the products advertised in each magazine were consistent considering that GQ magazine is a male based magazine and Vogue is a female based magazine.

2. Yes and no, because based on the products advertise in both magazines obtaining secondary data can be helpful in primary research. Though secondary data may provide a solution to the research problem and eliminate the need for primary research altogether it can also be used in exploratory research, may help to clarify and redefine the objectives of the primary study and provide ideas for the methods to be used and the difficulties that are likely to occur during the full-scale study. Though secondary data may provide information categorized different than what researchers seek and some secondary data may not be accurate, biased, or outdated. This could be a problem for the marketers who advertise products in these magazines because the products are mainly focused on the fashion world where everything is based on seasons, style, and trends, so inaccurate and outdated data may pose a problem.
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