Case of Extreme Isolation

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Socialization, Sociology Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: October 23, 2010
A Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation

In order to explain how this article “A Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation” tells us about socialization, we should first understand the term socialization. At birth humans are born with a “blank slate” or in Latin it’s called tabula rasa. Then as early as the age of two years old, socialization has begun to fill this “blank slate.” “The term socialization is the lifelong process of social interaction in which the individual acquires a social identity and ways of thinking, feeling and acting that are essential for effective participation in a society.” Source Soc chapter 4 page 61 Anna the first case study is a very sad case indeed. She was moved around a lot from the time she was born and when she was put back in the house with her mother and grandfather she had little instruction or attention from her mother at any point in time, so much in fact that at the age of six years old she could not talk, walk, or do anything that showed intelligence. But when she was taken out of the house and had been brought to a home and school for retarded children, her life began to improve because of social interaction, and attention, “she slowly improved being able to bounce and catch a ball and was said to conform to group socialization, however as a follower rather than a leader.” Source “A Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation” Out of all these things one of the most remarkable was Anna had begun to develop the ability of basic speech. The report on Anna stated that there was nothing peculiar about her other than being feeble minded which was most likely congenital in type. The advancements for Anna improved a bit more until her death in 1942. So I would say her accomplishments are in direct correlation to socialization after being removed from her mother and grandfather who gave her little to none. Anna did not have primary socialization when she was a baby and I feel this is mostly to blame for her condition....
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