Case Manager Speaker Notes

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Case Manager Speaker Notes

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Slide # 1 Assessment and Reassessment
The most difficult case I have ever managed was a child that was taken away from her parents because the neighbor called the police on the family stating that the child was abused and the police and the department of social services came to the parent’s home. The mother had a heart attack and the father lost his job behind the neighbor’s false. Never attach yourself to a case where it could affect the outcome of a case and observe all claims. The client will be reassessed regularly to determine their emotional state (Janice Witherspoon, personal communication, February 27, 2013). Slide # 2 Establishing a Relationship

The first thing I try to do is make sure there are no interruptions, be comfortable talking to the client. I would ask questions about their families and family history, and I always do a follow up with the client. By doing this I could basically seal the deal. Some of the clients are bedridden, or families who do not have transportation to come into the office (Janice Witherspoon, personal communications, February 27, 2013). Slide # 3 Fostering client participation and empowerment

Client participation is a central value in social work. I visit homes in all phases and service a are always try to get the entire family involved with the client. Some of the clients I see are ready to talk about their frustrations and how they can overcome some of the obstacles, if I can get the client involved in programs that will help them to overcome their frustrations then the client will want to go to the programs (Janice Witherspoon, personal communications, February 27, 2013). Slide # 4 Monitoring

The most important factor I found to be useful is listening skills. If case managers or any professional have great listening skills then we have accomplished half of the problem because we will know how to help the client more...
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