Case Management Client Centered Approach

Topics: Occupational therapy Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: November 25, 2010
Running Head: Client Centered Approach - Assignment 1 - Case Assignment

Client Centered Approach – Assignment 1 – Case Assignment

Nancy E. Webb

Case Management Program 560-501 McMaster University

Emily Jones attended the CCAC in person and requested assistance in finding Long Term Placement Services for her 94 year old father. A case manager sat with Emily and was informed that the client resides in a rural area of Renfrew County in a large turn of the century farmhouse. The primary source of heat is an external wood stove which requires manual feeding of three foot logs once a day. The electricity is only available in three rooms in the farmhouse; the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. The client has some small livestock on the farm that are free range feeding. The client has been widowed for two years from the wife that he has had for 74 years. The family’s main concerns are that Mr Jones is not coping well alone in the country, the family members fear for his safety , and feel that he would be better off in a Long Term Care Facility. Mr Jones attended the CCAC with his family in attendance and met with the Case Manager. He expressed that apart from being slower in his elder years and having to watch his diet from Type II diabetes he feels is managing fine. Mr Jones reported that he bathes once a month whether he has to or not. He does sink bathe daily as he has for the last 70 years. He has neighbours that visit daily and attend the grocery store on his behalf, purchasing frozen T.V. dinners, fresh fruit, milk and bread. He goes to bed every night at the same time and gets up with the sun. He loves to walk the land around his farm and feed his livestock daily and uses machinery to assist him to put the wood in the woodstove. This routine he exclaims, gives him reason to get out of bed every day and keep mobile with a purpose. He further stated that he would never move into a Nursing Home and that he wanted to die on the farm as his...
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